Bill & Melinda Gates FoundationApr 2019
Resources from 2019 Greater Giving Summit
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation hosted the 2019 Greater Giving Summit on April 2-4 in Seattle, Washington. The event brought together over 170 members of the global philanthropy community to learn, spark bold ideas, and connect with each other to help advance giving around the world. Below are videos from select sessions of the agenda and the resources and materials that were shared with attendees.
Day 1, Welcome
Victoria Vrana, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Day 1, Keynote: The Generosity Moonshot
Mo Gawdat, Former Chief Business Officer at Google X, Founder at #onebillionhappy and author of Solve for Happy: Engineer Your Path to Joy
Day 1, Panel: State of the State of Giving Worldwide

Shena Ashley, Urban Institute; Dr. Una Osili, Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy; Ruixi Hao, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Arnav Kapur, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; and moderator Beth Kanter discussed the global state of giving with a focus on the US, China, and India.

Additional Materials: Global slides, US Slides, China script, China Slides, India Slides

Day 1, Spotlight on the Untapped Potential of Person-to-Person Giving

Mari Kuraishi, Jessie Ball duPont Fund, discussed the rise, potential, and unknowns of person-to-person giving.

Additional Materials: Slides

Day 1 Breakout, Co-Lab: Guide Research into Global Giving Trends

Woodrow Rosenbaum, #GivingTuesday, invited us to learn about the #GivingTuesday Data Collaborative, now featuring teams in 40+ countries. Attendees helped shape their research agenda on generosity, donor motivation, and impact measurement.

Additional Materials: Slides

Day 1 Breakout, Co-Lab: Harness Estate Giving to Accelerate Giving

Eugene Steuerle, The Urban Institute, and Nadia Roumani, Stanford PACS, hosted a brainstorm on how we can radically increase giving by encouraging everyday donors to give more of their wealth, both during their lifetime and at the time of bequest.

Additional Materials: Slides

Day 1 Breakout, Co-Lab: Tap into the Potential of Person-to-Person Giving

Mari Kuraishi, Jessie Ball duPont Fund, and Ching Wong, Beijing Qingsongchou Network Technology co. LTD, continued the conversation on person- to-person giving, including how nonprofits and platforms can better track and leverage the trend.

Additional Materials: Slides, Handout, Notes

Day 1 Breakout, Co-Lab: Jump from Data to Action—Use Research About Gender and Giving to Change Behaviors

Kathleen Loehr, Andrea Pactor, Dr. Debra Mesch and Dr. Una Osili, Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy; and facilitator Beth Kanter highlighted key research findings on how women give and generated actionable ideas to inspire greater giving.

Additional Materials: Slides, Handout, Ideas

Day 1 Breakout, Panel: Explore Additional Models of Generosity

Shelley Schwinn, Buy Nothing Project; Matthew Davie, Kiva; Anita Ramachandran, MicroMentor; and moderator Greg Baldwin, VolunteerMatch, discussed the expansive definition of generosity and the unique organizations and tools that go beyond traditional monetary donations.

Additional Materials: Buy Nothing Slides

Day 1 Breakout, Workshop: Learn How to Run Behavioral Science Experiments with ideas42

Eleni Fischer, Omar Parbhoo, Piyush Tantia, and Katy Davis from ideas42 hosted an interactive workshop on how to leverage behavioral science and design tests to gain insights about user giving patterns, motivations, and constraints.

Additional Materials: Slides

Day 1 Breakout, Panel: Celebrate Our Shared Generosity—#MyGivingStory Around the World

Asha Curran, #GivingTuesday; Anita Gallagher, InnovaSocial; Pushpa Aman Singh, GuideStar India; and Xuefeng He, Guangzhou Tongdao Nonprofit Center, discussed the power of storytelling in the US, Mexico, India, and China, including how stories can be used as a tool to inspire donors and strengthen norms around giving worldwide.

Additional Materials: Slides, Handout

Day 1 Breakout, Panel: See Research and Innovation Converge in The Better Giving Studio

Michael Diederich and Paul Roberts, Intentional Futures, showcased a new website that shares resources for optimizing giving products based on the latest research on donor behavior. As an interactive library of research, design, and frameworks, Better Giving Studio’s aim is to transform the way we think about applying academic research to giving products.

Additional Materials: Slides

Day 1 Breakout, Panel: Leverage Curation to Overcome Giving Obstacles

Evan Paul, Candid; Omar Parbhoo, ideas42; Bob Ottenhoff, Center for Disaster Philanthropy; Melissa Anderson, Public Good; and moderator Akruti Desai, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, discussed the problem of choice overload for donors, and the potential of curation as a solution for overcoming this barrier.

Additional Materials: Slides

Day 1 Breakout, Panel: Venture into the Future of Giving
Stefano Scuratti and Monica Ballesteros, The Economist Intelligence Unit, shared the current applications, opportunities, and challenges of emerging technologies as they apply to giving.
Day 1 Breakout, Co-lab: Engage Your Donors Online and Off

Vinay Nair, Lightful; Bill Strathmann, Network for Good; Varun Sheth, Ketto; Piyush Jain, ImpactGuru; Meihua Lu, Shanghai United Foundation; Ying Ye, China Association of Fundraising Professionals; and facilitator Beth Kanter shared tools, models, and experiments that have been helpful in encouraging everyday donors to give and keep giving.

Additional Materials: Slides, Mini Presentations, Handouts, Ideas

Day 1, Panel: The Rise of Everyday Champions

Danielle Curtis, DonorsChoose; Ken Nadolski, ioby; Paull Young, Facebook; Fei Liu, Micro Platform for Public Welfare of; and moderator Victoria Vrana, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, share insights on how platforms can celebrate, support, and connect individuals that are raising funds for organizations and causes.

Additional Materials: DonorsChoose Slides, ioby Slides, Slides

Day 2, Panel: Smarter Giving — When Donors Use Nonprofit Results Data

Dean Karlan, ImpactMatters and Northwestern University; Emily Williams, Charity Navigator; Alix Guerrier, GlobalGiving; Brian Komar,; and moderator Jacob Harold, Candid, discussed an ecosystem approach to “smarter giving”, helping donors make better giving decisions using nonprofit results data.

Additional Materials: Dean Karlan Slides, Charity Navigator Slides, GlobalGiving Slides, Slides

Day 2, Panel: The Giving Ecosystem in China

Ruixi Hao, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Jianfeng Fu, Tencent Foundation, provided an overview of the giving ecosystem in China, including the innovative approaches platforms like Tencent are using to spur more and better giving.

Additional Materials: Ruixi Hao Slides, Tencent Slides

Day 2, Panel: The Giving Ecosystem in India — Spotlight on Everyday Donors

Aarti Mohan, Sattva Consulting; Atul Satija, GiveIndia; Bindi Dharia, Centre for Social Impact and Philanthropy at Ashoka University; Rajalakshmi Aggarwal, Ola Foundation; and moderator Arnav Kapur, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, shared the latest insights on everyday donors in India, as well as the innovative approaches and campaigns aimed at increasing giving in the country.

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Day 2, Panel: Future of Giving — How Emerging Technologies Will Impact Philanthropy

Qin Liu, Ant Financial; Lucy Bernholz, Stanford PACS; Raphael Mazet, Alice; Roz Lemieux, Blackbaud Labs; and moderator Parastou Youssefi, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, shared predictions about the impact new technologies will have on charitable giving.

Additional Materials: Ant Financial Slides, Ant Financial Collateral, Blackbaud Video